Do You Ever?

Do you ever find yourself crushing on a new look and feel like its entirely your invention?  That was me with black and white this year.  I found myself craving it and daydreaming what I might make in that combination.  Then I look around me and flip through a spring issue of InStyle and find its a hot spring trend.  You have that feeling of, “Hey, I thought of that first!” when in fact you’ve probably just been absorbing things subconsciously and when you wake up to it you realize you’re just a part of the trend.  So this is what I put together from my wardrobe for church today:


It’s my Simplicity 2215 winter white skirt.  I love this skirt so much I have visions of several other versions such as a slighter shorter denim and a midi coral, not to mention I’d love to make the dress version, as well.

I have some black and ivory fabric set aside for a blouse using Simplicity 3688 with the full gathered sleeve from McCall’s 6702 and possibly some embellishment.  And I have a black and white deco vibe dress in mind.  That would help quench my thirst for this trend.  We’ll see if I get to them!

In the meantime I am working on a couple Colette Patterns Laurels, and I took a bunch of pictures today of finished projects.  New things coming your way!

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