Coral Laurel

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Well, those folks over at Colette Patterns really know what they’re doing, don’t they?  This Laurel contest has been quite the marketing success.  Truthfully, I wasn’t overly ecstatic when the pattern first released until a couple of things:  First, the competition, of course.  Secondly, Sarai’s shift dress inspiration post.  There was lots of beautiful images, as well as her mention of the desire to wear something not tight in the waist in the heat of summer.  That really got me to thinking ahead about our summers here which have several days/weeks in triple digits.  She was so right!  We get to where we don’t want to wear anything but a swimsuit.  Lastly, I thought about how much I truly do love a good shift dress.  My favorite era of vintage patterns (and I’m sure some will cringe at this) is late 60s/early 70s.  Most of the ones in my small collection are shifts.  So, I clicked purchase!  Well done, CP, well done.

I’ve peeked at the flickr page a couple of times, as well as seen plenty of Laurels pop up in my reader.  Its been fun to see so many different interpretations.  I think the contest has pushed sewists to be particularly creative with this pattern.

IMG_3337 copy   IMG_3330 copy

As usual, I had several ideas for this one pattern rolling around in my head.  But with the call of parenting and life in general, I’ve only gotten to this one so far.  I decided on a coral cotton with a slight crinkly texture from my recent stash – a purchase from Hancock Fabrics.  My detail additions were sleeve ties and bow pockets.  I had seen this tutorial and thought I would add them to my Laurel.  I used the tutorial as a starting point, but used the pocket pattern from the Laurel and adjusted the bow measurements accordingly.  Also, I sewed the pocket per the Laurel pattern instructions.  Separately I had been considering Simplicity 3835 recently for a different fabric. But after deciding against it for a couple of reasons, the sleeve ties still sat swimming around in my thoughts and would not leave me alone so they joined in on the Laurel fun.

IMG_3335 copy   IMG_3345 copy

That was all the fun stuff.  Now, I don’t know if its my body proportions not matching up with this company’s sloper, or being rather new to this women’s garment sewing thing, but this dress took a lot of work to fit!  This deceptively simple pattern is my longest project to date.  I wisely decided to make a muslin (my first ever!) after the first few reviews came in, and it took me three to get it right.  That’s a lot of boring sewing before getting to actually cut into the pretty fabric.  The first 1 1/2 I will admit was me trying to figure out what size to cut, and I even checked flat pattern measurements beforehand.  I am a pretty slow and careful sewist, because I am really not ok with failed projects.  I know I should feel differently and have that great attitude of, “you learn from your mistakes.”  But I don’t.  I can be a perfectionist and I want something to wear out of the process.  I don’t even want to do the work of writing down every single adjustment for you because there were a lot and I don’t completely know what I am doing with all that yet.  My substantial sewing library really got a work out, though.    The main things were lowering the bust darts, taking in the back and side seams, widening and lengthening the back darts, and work on the armscye and sleeves.  I am happy with my end result and this is something I will wear.

IMG_3331 copy   IMG_3359 copy

This is a fun color to accessorize and for the majority I wore neutral shoes and jewelry.  But for a little fun at the end I threw on some mint green since it makes a trendy combination with coral right now.  I have two more Laurels lined up, but they won’t be ready for the competition.  That’s ok, I’ve made peace with it today 😉  By the way, self portraiture is a lot of work!  I am a pretty good hobby photographer, but getting in front of the camera definitely has a learning curve.  I’ll be working on improving.  This round is already looking better than the batch of projects I photographed last week.  This guy photo-bombed me three times before I realized!  We had a good laugh:

IMG_3358 copy


26 thoughts on “Coral Laurel

  1. Gorgeous! You look beautiful in coral. And those details are sweet and make a nice statement.

    I wasn’t sold on the pattern either but after seeing women with similar figures to mine pull it off…well I bought it.

  2. I, too, made a Laurel dress in coral, but linen. I also had to lower the bust darts and take it in quite a bit on the sides. I didn’t deviate from the pattern but I think I’ll make another and experiment a bit. Love your sleeve ends and bow pockets. Those details really enliven the dress.

    • Thank you very much. Wish I could do a tutorial, but I’ll have to follow copyright laws and direct you to Simplicity 3835, an OOP Built by Wendy pattern. I had to add length in the center of the sleeve tie pattern by about two inches or so (I also had to widen the Laurel sleeve), and I used that pattern’s directions for attaching the tie. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hello! I absolutely adore your version of the Laurel, along with the folks at BurdaStyle!!!! I saw you featured there in addition to being selcted for the top 20! I voted for you in the contest too. It’s been a lot of fun seeing all the interpretations of this pattern.

  4. I am not given to pure and shameless copying – in general. But your coral Laurel…the bow pockets…..the tie sleeves….the color,…..I could not rest before I had made an exact copy and gotten myself some gorgeous turqouise shoes. Lucky for me I came across the perfect fabric waiting for me in a Paris fabric shop and some cool platforms in a local store. . And lucky for me the finished dress mimics yours in all its gorgeousness – yours really is the nicest Laurel I have seen and it’s immediately become my favorite out of the six or so I own. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

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