Simplicity 2226 Three Ways

People speak of their TNT patterns often.  I haven’t sewn long enough to have lots to choose from, but for now Simplicity 2226 seems to be it.  Plus, I think I like to sew from the same pattern multiple times.  The second and third time through are so much quicker.  I love this pattern for the pockets the gathering in the front and back and especially the chance to accessorize with skinny belts.

First, my most worn version:

IMG_3287 IMG_3295

This has been such a versatile skirt and has seen a lot of wear all summer.  Its a mustard linen-look fabric. The color seems to complement half the tops in my closet.  Plus, like I said…belts!  It is such a simple skirt, but I always get compliments and have been asked several times where I got it, which is fun because that is the only question to which I’ll confess, “I made it!”


Second, a maxi version:


This is a silky fabric from JoAnn that I thought was so beautiful and muted in color.  I saw this whole outfit in my head and bought shirt, shoes, and belt with this in mind, so it was definitely not allowed to become an unfinished project.


A better shot of the fabric:


And in reverse order, the first version I sewed from this pattern:


Already donated!  I guess that answers the question of whether I am overly attached to the things that I make.  I don’t seem to have a problem moving on if its something I don’t like or isn’t made well.  This one was a rayon print from Joann.  I got sucked in by a better quality fiber than I usually find there, but just didn’t love the print once it was sewn up and, being my first version, it came out a bit big with poor finishing.  I’ve started a denim version that can take the #3 spot, instead.

In all versions I removed some of the fullness from the gathers both in the front and the back.  After I finish the denim skirt, I think its time to move on to another skirt pattern.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity 2226 Three Ways

  1. I agree with Melissa the mustard it fantastic it goes so well with both tops. What a great wardrobe item. The skirt is awesome too perfect for summer. I might have to check it out for our upcoming summer!! I like that its sits a bit higher on the waist too looks great.

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