My Little Conversation Hearts

I hope this post is better late than never.  I had schemed a darling little photo shoot for these girls in their Valentine’s Day outfits, but March was full of sickness and birthdays in our house and I had to let it go.  I’ll hold the idea for next year.  I’m just not the type A style crafter mom…lots of great ideas, but not always the energy and time to do them all.  I need my sleep and down time.  Despite that, look at these cuties!


I was in the mood for some hot pink and red.  And I love to coordinate my girls without exactly matching them.  Here we have the Oliver and S 2+2 Blouse done in a knit.  I’ve been wanting to try them in a knit to skip the whole button down back, and these turned out pretty good.  I had some stretching out in the neck when adding the bias ties (this is my first time sewing knit fabric), and there was some tunneling when I hemmed with my double needle.  The contast ties and patches are done in heart patterned fabric from the seasonal quilting section.  This pattern is one of my favorites from O&S, and I’d love to make them some knit dresses from it this fall.  For the rest of the look they are wearing Gymboree headbands, Gap pants, and shoes from Ross.  The headbands were Valentine sale purchases and the rest we already had.

That day ended up being such a fun Valentine’s.  My son had a great party at school that I was able to help with, you see my daughter above on her way to preschool with Valentine’s in hand, and my youngest and I went out to breakfast and surprised Daddy at work with homemade treats.  She still talks about sneaking into Daddy’s office.

IMG_0056crop IMG_0043crop IMG_4579


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