The Confetti Dresses

These are my favorite things I’ve sewn for my girls, although I do have a tendency to say that after each project.  I think that may be a part of getting better with each garment sewn.  Behold the Confetti Dresses, otherwise known as this year’s Easter dresses.

IMG_2990 IMG_3008

Remember in my last post, I stated how I like to charmingly coordinate them without the cheesy, matchy-matchy look?  Well, it turns out little sisters like to match exactly.  And when I found this fabric, I could only imagine the girls in the exact same dress.  And I have to say, I love it, and I’m glad I did it this way.  This is the cutest fabric I have found at JoAnn.  I bought enough to make myself a yet-to-be-sewn pencil skirt!  How’s that for matching!?

IMG_3001 IMG_3013

This is the Oliver and S School Photo Dress.  I was heavily inspired by this mom’s version, so I went with the same idea of the contrast yoke and sleeve.  This pattern has so many delicious details.  Just read this description from the O&S website: This lined, above-the-knee-length, A-line dress features a hidden, on-seam, front kangaroo pocket and an invisible back zipper. View A has a stand-away, roll collar and 3/4-length cuffed sleeves. View B includes a ruffle collar and gathered, bias-bound, 3/4-length sleeves.  Above, the girls are showing the pocket which is always a hit with little kids.  I just adore the gathering and binding on the sleeves.

IMG_2993 IMG_3025

You can see the flower bow I made using pink felt and a Snazzie Drawers pattern (she just retired all of her pdf patterns, sadly).  My older daughter was much less cooperative for pictures and wanted to wear her silly hat instead, but she had a bow, too.  You can see the print quite well, here, and the ruffle collars which were a bit of a challenge to get to stand up.  You can see the lining wanting to roll out.  But to make up for it the invisible zippers are perfect!  The heavier fabrics plus lining makes these dresses warm to wear so they haven’t been in them since April for Easter and a wedding…the most kid-friendly wedding ever.  There was pizza, nachos, donut truck and bounce houses.  My kids had the time of their lives and my husband and I actually got to socialize.  We’ve since attended two weddings where we had to explain beforehand that bounce houses aren’t usual wedding activities.  I look forward to seeing these in rotation again once it cools off.

IMG_2997 IMG_2996


5 thoughts on “The Confetti Dresses

  1. Hi, Thanks for the lovely comments on my sewing. Just came to check out your vogue tunic top but noticed you don’t have a search bar on your blog. Didn’t show up in a google search either. The confetti dress is super cute.

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