Halloween Roundup

We are already into November and the Halloween frenzy has passed so I’m going to do a quick document, since interest at this point might be a little low.  We had a great Halloween with a couple opportunities for the kids to dress up in their costumes.  They picked such fun ones that I decided to go all in and actually sew a bit from patterns. Behold Luke, Minnie, and Annie!


My son loves all things Legos and Star Wars currently so Luke Skywalker was his choice. Using an adult WalMart sweatshirt I just cut and hemmed it into the shape we needed and from felt and velcro I sewed the belt and bootcovers.  This post here was the most helpful on that process.  I hot glued lots of strips around the covers to get the details Luke’s had in our inspiration picture.  I used the same process for Minnie’s yellow shoe covers.  This idea is so brilliant because incorrect shoes so often ruin the costume’s look, but who wants to spend that kind of money for a possible one-time use?


The dress for both girls’ costumes was Simplicity 2989.  I came across that suggestion through Google leading me to someone’s Annie dress creation on Burdastyle.  It was perfect for both costumes and my youngest likes the swingy skirt so much I know if I sew from this pattern again “for real” she’ll wear it a ton, because the Minnie costume gets put on at some point most days.  She’s wearing it as I type, actually.  So that’s a pattern recommendation.  Pattern sizing was slightly big but not too bad.  I think each wore one size down. Both dresses have slight modifications, but the Annie dress more so.  I added a waistband inset and changed the curved peter pan collar to more of a point, although it looks pretty curved in these shots.  Since these pictures were taken I did add the white bands to Annie’s sleeves, as well, before Halloween night.

    IMG_4981 IMG_5007

Minnie’s bloomers were sewn from SnazzieDrawers Lucia Bella Pantaloons, a pattern I already owned but had not yet used.  I struck out trying to find Mickey ears around town so I ended up having to make my own.  I followed this mom’s tutorial more or less with supplies I had on hand at home.  I had to order Annie’s wig and it arrived just in time for the carnival.  We also needed a heart locket, so my mom brought over some junk jewelry and harvested a filigree heart off an old earring and worked it with a jump ring onto a chain.  Thanks mom!  She helped me get this all done in one day by helping with pattern tracing and cutting while I worked away on the sewing machine. And as every crafty parents eventually discovers, you put all this work into costumes and details and by the end of a fun carnival the layers have been stripped away amid all the fun. Evidence:

bounce house

5 thoughts on “Halloween Roundup

  1. I love the costumes you made, your kids look so cute. My daughter loves the Minnie Mouse dress I made for her, it’s great when a costume gets worn well after the event

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