Neon Peggy

I’ve been sewing!  It always feels so good to be working on and finishing fun things.  Here is my most recent make, an (almost) neon yellow Peggy skirt from Blue Ginger Doll.


I am in love with this pattern and, as usual, keep visualizing many different versions.  It is so stylish and comfortable, in my opinion.  Before I gush more about the pattern, I’ll back up and explain my color choice.  This was my outfit for family photos this year.  I love to have fun and play with a good color story for our photos.  Last year was a mix of neutrals with mint green.  This year I wanted something rich yet playful.  I stopped by one of the color palette websites I like and found this one at ColourLovers called Come What Mei:


Already having the shirt in my wardrobe, I set about finding things we had in our closets and sewing what was left.  Which turned out to be a skirt for me to give that pop of yellow and a shirt for my son.  The girls had pretty Tea Collection dresses already, so I decided to go with that instead of stressful sewing on a deadline like last year.  When this skirt was first released I almost dismissed it right away.  Despite being so cute, it looked like a copy of the Colette Patterns Ginger skirt, which I already own.  But after looking a little closer I really liked some of the different details and went for it.  So glad I did!  I definitely love the waistband options (which were what largely felt familiar to me already), but what I really love is the front pleats and the gaping pocket detail.


Look at those darling pockets!  My only wish is that they were deeper.  There is plenty of room to store stuff, but I can’t really STUFF my hands way down like I like to do.  I had my husband snap these real quick before we left our photo location.  Once we get the professional shots I may post one to show our outfits altogether.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick yourself up a Peggy!